Call Me a Late Bloomer…

I just actually went to my first “concert” two days ago.

Last Friday, I went to a music festival at my old campus.

Well, it’s not actually a MUSIC festival like JGTC is… I just called it that to make things simpler šŸ˜€ It’s a festival made by the Chinese Department students of the University of Indonesia called Sinofest.

I usually don’t go to these types of events, but since my bf heard that Sheila on 7 (a favorite band of his) would be the highlight of the event, he got the tickets as soon as he heard about it (which was like almost a month before) and was really really excited ^^

I was excited too, although not as much he was, obviously. It was actually my first experience to these music… thingies. Last year, I wanted to see Big Bang live in Jakarta… but unfortunately I was out of the country. And just about last month, I heard about G-Dragon’s concert here in Jakarta in June, but I’m gonna be out of the country… again. I really have no luck with these stuff. The bands I like are either on hiatus… or it’s me that can’t go. I’m really waiting for Fall Out Boy, or maybe Florence + the Machine if they come here…

Well, I’m babbling. Anyway, this music thing! I took a whole day off from work (just cos I can XD), and we got to campus before 7 PM. There were still some other bands performing. It was still kinda ho-hum in front of the stage and most of the people were watching while sitting on the concrete. I kinda felt sorry for the ones performing but hey at least there was someone watching.

We got there in time for 3 or 4 bands before Sheila on 7’s performance. There was this one band, BDS Rock and Roll or something, that had a member with big hair. I HATE big long hair on a guy, it just seems blergh. But since he was really awesome while performing, I kinda rethought about my hate on big hair on guys (his hair actually really helped him make uber cool). But maybe that’s just stage effect =p

There were two other bands that made me downright mad too, since they took so long in preparing on stage and their performance was just, yuck. But the second to last band, which was Hamba Allah was sooo funny (and gross). I mean, guys in tights with their flopping bellies are just, disgusting, phew XD But since they’re really good at having fun on stage and with the people watching it was just cool! For one song, they sang Diamonds by Rihanna (added some of their touches, too) and instead of getting annoyed with the song like I always do, I actually laughed because they performed it so weird, lol.

Finally by 10PM, it was time for the main stage, Sheila on 7! It was actually really really late, since the crew advertised that they will be on stage since 8PM… but oh well. By then, the audience were super packed and super excited. Who wouldn’t be? Anyway, I was kinda nervous because although I did like this band, I don’t remember any of the lyrics to most of their songs >_< But I just shook my body to the beat along with everyone else even though most of the time I just heard instead of singing along (I did sing along to 3 or 4 songs though XD).

During one of my favorite song by them, ‘Kita’, there was a firework (literally, just one blast, I had hoped for a bit more that just one). Anyway, without fail, I got really teary-eyed. Even without the crowd, the song makes me cry. And for such an emotional crier like I am, with such high tension like that, I thought it was a real miracle that I didn’t break down and sob violently on the spot XD Good thing the bf was too excited to notice! I did cry just a little though lol. And then during another favorite song, ‘Hujan Turun’, I sang along (good thing everything else was so loud, people wouldn’t notice I was crazy off-key XD). And then during another song after that, suddenly Duta (the vocalist) went down to the audience and moshed (??). I was so surprised and tugged my bf. I instantly felt bad. He told me that he really wanted to go upfront but I told him I didn’t want him to leave me in the middle of the crowd (you know how scary crowds can be, right?), so he didn’t. And that happened. I hoped he was truly okay though with just watching…

Anyway, overall it was super fun! The one thing that was really annoying was this group of fans, that were freaks and disturbed other people. They got on top of each others’ backs and waved their banners (thus covering peoples view that were behind them). And then after that, they made a circle and rotated. I half wished they would get trampled -____-;; But that would make the end of the night a disaster, not wonderful at all… so oh, well. There are always gonna be people like that.

In the end, there were more fireworks! ^^ Aah, so fun. Couldn’t get a pic of them but how about a pic of my hairy arm and his? XD



3 thoughts on “Call Me a Late Bloomer…

  1. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaLLy wanted to go, but just imagining the traffic/train ride to Depok was just.. Urgh.
    And NO ONE wouLd reaLLy care if you were off key when singing aLong, because 90% of them were off key, too šŸ˜› But yeah, annoying fans are annoying. SpeciaLLy those who heLd their gadgets high aLL the way.

    • Awww, you should’ve went >_< But it was crazy anyways…
      I had no idea you liked them!
      Annoying fans are annoying *nods* but I did have some fun peeking at BBMs of the girl right in front of me. apparently she was lying to a senior and gushing about a gorgeous guy just in front of us to different people XD

      • Ahaha can’t beat the voyeur in us, can we?
        I reaLLy Liked their first aLbum (I aLmost made my mom crazy by pLaying it in our car everyday — and it was onLy So7, not Limp Bizkit or anything), the second one was good, the next ones were unmemorabLe.. But they’re a part of my teenage years, so I wanted to go for nostaLgia’s sake, I guess.

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