Porte Whipped Chocola

The apartment I live in right now in Tokyo is near the Togoshi Ginza station. There’s a nice row of shops with the station in the center of it.  And right at the front of the station entrance/exit, there’s a snack shop called Okashi no Machioka. Ever since I was a student here in Japan, I loved that place. I love snacks and chocolate and everything :3

So here’s a little something I bought a few days ago, ta-dah!


Meiji Porute :3

The box says it’s winter limited edition made with Hokkaido milk, but somehow it was available in May. Teehee. I wonder what the regular version is like. There are 10 pieces of chocolates individually wrapped like this:


And the center of it is like this.


It has a biscuity part, chocolate powder, cocoa whipped cream and and regular chocolate inside it. It tastes so crunchy and good ~ Delish! :3


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