Of Sushi, Stealing, Shoes, Shibuya and Summer Sonic

Last Friday, I had an unexplainable hankering for sushi .___. I didn’t want to go blindly, looking for one (and eventually not finding one), so I decided to have it on Satuday after thorough searching on the net for a sushi shop.

So on Saturday, after looking at various pages on the internet, I found one that seemed okay somewhere near Shinagawa station. So I went out at 2:30 pm. I know it’s an odd time to have lunch, but I wasn’t planning on having lunch. I was planning on stuffing my face with sushi for lunch and dinner 😀

On the way, I remembered that Mom had wanted me to take photos of flowers. There weren’t any free standing flowers on my way to the station;  they were all someone’s property, and I had a weird feeling like I was stealing if I took photos of them. But I needed some pictures to show, so I sneakily snapped a few shots of some flowers. I can’t take pretty pictures like my bf does, but I did (sneakily) try.

Anyway, I hopped on the train and went to Shinagawa. While I was sitting on the train, I remembered that some friends of mine had mentioned an aquarium at Shinagawa. I thought maybe I could go there after eating (in the end, I didn’t. I couldn’t find it. Silly me, I should’ve remembered it was somewhere near the Shinagawa Prince hotel area).

I arrived at Shinagawa and after 5 minutes of walking, I found the sushi place. From the outside it seemed like…. a dead city. Seriously, almost no one was walking around. But when I got in, there was a lot of people sitting, waiting for seats O.o Good thing I was alone, so I almost immediately got seated :3 I got a nice seat, a counter seat next to the wall, so I could steal some more photos.

You use the screen to specially request what you want. And when you’re ready to pay, to call the waitress. I had 7 plates of sushi (mostly cheesy shrimp and cheesy salmon < I love cheese. Sue me) and 1 plate of ice cream choux. It was kinda hard to walk afterwards XD

It was only 4:30 or something after I had eaten, and I couldn’t find the aquarium so I decided to go to Shibuya and look for shoes. I must’ve tramped for 2 hours before finally getting a pair. Before getting that pair, I had ogled a pretty one in Marui, which were only 4000-ish yen, and I would be wearing them everyday, so I could buy them without feeling guilty. However, just my luck, because I have a commoner shoe size, it was sold out. Must be because of the sale -___-;; After that, I saw another one with weird shaped soles. So I decided to try it on, just because.

It felt like heaven. The shoes MOLDED onto my then tired feet. They were about 7cm high, but it felt like there were NO heels at all. If feet had soulmates, I think that shoes with those soles were a match made in heaven. It was pretty plain, but kinda severe looking for the casual office I work in. These are the shoes (I think). With the whopping price (for me) of 9000+ yen.

taken from https://voi.0101.co.jp/voi/wsg/wrt-3_wno-P16399_mcd-LS305_cpg-005_pno-03_ino-01.html

So I left them. But… huhu T^T When I was wandering around, I stumbled upon a Summer Sonic ticketing booth. There was Fall Out Boy on the 10th of August! DAMNIT. I wish I was still here. Or better yet, they go on a world tour with Indonesia in it. I have no luck with bands I like T^T

So after wandering for 2 hours, I got my shoes (not the ones above). They’re nothing like what I felt with the pumps up there, but they’re still pretty 🙂

And that was this weekend’s adventure 😀


3 thoughts on “Of Sushi, Stealing, Shoes, Shibuya and Summer Sonic

  1. How do the Japanese find time to take care of their fLowers? I reaLLy want to thank them for making the sidewaLks so pretty, and I think you taking (pretty) pictures of the fLowers are not steaLing, but a way to appreciate the beautifuL bLossoms of their efforts ^^

    And I think Muse wiLL be headLining Summer Sonic too.. Damn.

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