Pino: Dark Chocolate

So I bought 4 boxes of my favorite ice cream a week ago. You might say that’s too much, but hey there’s only 6 pieces in it, so it’s fine.

Why did I buy 4 boxes, you say? Simple. They were on sale. Usually they’re like 120-130ish, and at the time I bought it, it was only 69 yen per box! I bought three flavors, but here’s the first one (I just opened the first box).

Even the box looks tempting, no? The regular version is filled with vanilla ice cream with regular chocolate coating. But I love the dark chocolate coating with chocolate filling version.

It’s usually round and cone-ish, but there’s one shaped like a star in the bottom corner. I wonder if the other boxes are like that too.

Look! And they melt so nicely in your mouth! Oh gooey chocolate goodness…

Did I succeed in making your mouth water? 😉


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