Orange Stripes

It seems like I haven’t posted anything in like forever… I’ve just been lazy *slaps myself*

Anyway, since I’ve never posted anything nail related on this blog, I’d like to start now :3 I love nail polish and and nail art. I even found a photo of me as a 2 year old kid with nail polish on. And I’ve been loving it ever since. Sure the interest waxes and wanes, but since probably 2 years ago, I’ve been slowly collecting again and now I have a nice amount ^^ I keep telling myself that I should stop buying, but I feel like I want to have every color ^^a

For my first nail related post, I want to post a recent nail art of mine! I got inspired by looking at this blog post from My Awesome Beauty. Sophie was having a competition and the winner was Mina from cubbiful. It was pretty and fresh.

I had just bought a new white polish and I wanted to do a fun nail art. So I kinda copied it, but not with the exact same color. I wanted to use my peach/orange Chanel polish I got from a friend of mine for my birthday :3

So here it is!

Personally, I LOVE how it turned out. I know it looks really sloppy but it’s the neatest I’ve even been XD I couldn’t even stop staring at it XD It somehow reminded me of corn candy on Halloween ^^


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