Day Out: Ikebukuro

Last Sunday I met with a friend from the university. I think we were kinda confused on the best place to meet, so we ended up visiting Ikebukuro, a 30 minute train ride from my apartment.

We met at Ikebukuro station at around 12.30. She brought a friend. We first decided to eat, since we were all starving. I  thought we could go up to Lumine Ikebukuro. I had wanted to see 300yen shop there since another friend of mine said there were some nice things that looked a little better than 100yen stuff (doh). This Lumine had 2 floors of restaurants, the upper for the buffet restaurants and the lower for the other type of restaurants.

The thing was, we arrived just in time for lunch, so everywhere you looked people were waiting in line. We decided to skip the buffet floor and went around the lower one. There were lots and lots of restaurants, like a Spanish restaurant, a Korean restaurant, a doria restaurant, a restaurant that specializes in chicken… I was practically rooted to the spot for the Spanish one XD Paella~~

In the end, we decided to go to the restaurant that specializes in chicken called Keishoan. We waited for around 20 minutes for a table.

I think the restaurant mainly focuses on oyakodon.Even the preview dishes have so many varieties of oyakodon. See now, I don’t really enjoy oyakodon, but there were some other menus so I ordered that.  Here’s what I ordered:

First, the appetizers from top left to bottom center, a bowl of collagen soup (refillable!) and a fresh plate of green salad. Even the salad was delicious. And no tomatoes! Yeah!

Then for main course:

A bowl of steaming hot rice, a plate of chicken katsu sprinkled with miso sauce, chicken karaage and pickles. It was such a monster meal. Even at my hungriest state I couldn’t finish it T^T I was so happy although I had difficulty walking after XD

Here are us with our plates still full:

After that, we went to the 300yen shop. It was nice! I wanted to buy so many things but I felt that it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase so I clamped my wallet shut. And then after that, we went around looking for Don Quijote store. It’s like a super big store selling a whole bunch of things, from food, cosmetics, electronics, household things, suitcases, imported things… whatever. I used to really rely on this store when I was an exchange student XD

It’s kinda hard to walk in Donki (that’s what the Japanese call it) and leave empty handed. I know I never do XD But it’s a little overwhelming, cos it is like walking in a packed closet. But it was fun.


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