This is actually one I done quite awhile ago, but didn’t have the chance to post it. About half a year ago, I was looking through Pshiiit‘s page, and I found this. I thought it was so cool and I wanted to something that looked like it. But then, I thought, hey why not do all the seasons on my nails? At first it felt like an insanely difficult task, but I got it done!

As you can see, it goes winter, spring (sakura flowers bloom in spring right? :D), a regular leafy green tree for summer, orange and yellow for fall and since there isn’t a fifth season, I just did winter again ^^a

Since I’m a regular idiot with a camera, I made my bf take a photo of my nails. He first suggested to flip the trees upside down (when I finished the one above I did think it was weird why I put the tree bases on my cuticles side). So I did it a second time and he took a picture of it.

Of course his photo turns out better than mine XD

They both turned out messy, but I’m really, really satisfied with it! What do you guys think? ^^


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