Europe Trip: Bratislava

20 April 2012.

Today we will be moving from Budapest to Bratislava. We had breakfast at 7 with the usual food: eggs, sausages, hams, milk, juice and salad. Oh, and bread. Tons of bread. One which I thought was a hash brown turned out to be bread. A really chewy, almost rubber-like bread *tosses it*

Anyway, at 0850 everyone was already sitting in their seats on the bus, and thus at 0900 we began our journey to Bratislava! Of course on this day, we will be border crossing to Slovakia. I don’t know much facts about the country, sorry ^^a Actually, while we were moving city to city, the tour leader would tell us the facts about the country. But like I said, since she was talking in Japanese, my ears just wouldn’t cooperate. After 3 hours, we reached Bratislava!

We immediately headed to the restaurant for lunch. But since it was located inside the city center, the bus wasn’t able to drop us off right at the front, so we walked a little from the drop off point. The name of the restaurant was Alize (I think it’s closed now, though, too bad). Since we were early (it was just 12.15) the restaurant was empty. The interior was modern and had many windows so it was bright. Lunch was vegetable soup, turkey breast filled with cheese and ham and crepes with raspberry ice cream filling :3

vegetable soup

turkey with ham and cheese filling

crepe with raspberry ice cream

Since the food came out quickly and everyone was apparently famished, lunch only took 40mins. Because of that, when we got out the restaurant the guide wasn’t there yet. So the tour leader said we could wander around the nearby places before meeting time. We got an English speaking guide, but I still couldn’t hear because I was still herding people at the back.

Anyway, it turns out that the restaurant was really near St. Michael’s Gate. So we started from there and walked to St Martin’s Dome. We didn’t go in to any tour attractions, just saw some from the outside and did a lot of wandering around by ourselves.

St Michael’s Gate

There were a lot of bronze statues like this all over the old city

St Martin’s Dom

After that, we boarded the bus again heading for Bratislava Castle. It was located on top of a hill, with similar color scheme with St. Martin’s Dome. I love the colors. So warm and pretty.

Bratislava Castle

view from the yard

view from the yard

This is Bratislava Castle and the view of the city from the yard. The interior is still under renovation but the exterior is done. Most of the people were just hanging outside enjoying the nice (but steadily becoming unbearably hot) weather. Actually, this castle could be reached from St Michael’s Gate with this mini train. It just feels like being a really tacky tourist though ^^a

mini train

After visiting the castle, we went to the hotel to check-in. When we reached the hotel, suddenly the sky went dark. When the porters were rolling our luggage in, heavy rain suddenly fell!! I was relieved that my suitcase was already in the lobby when the rain started. It wasn’t waterproof XD

After check-in, we all went to our rooms. Upon opening the door, I felt that the curtains on the window were a little crooked, so I had this unexplainable urge to straighten it. I stepped on a table to get near the window (don’t ask why I did this). And just then, the table surface kinda broke off and I fell with an almighty CRASH.

I instantly panicked. I was going to be fish food if the hotel found out about me breaking a table! But fortunately, all the parts could be put back together again (without anyone noticing it was forcibly separated). I just hoped that the tour leader (which was in the room next door) wouldn’t hear the crash (fat chance). I was so lucky I fell in the room… and not out the window. It was 8 floors high >_<

The bathroom was crazy big, I could’ve fit a table and chairs and have a tea party inside (but that would be absurd).

At 6, I went down to the ground floor to have dinner. The main course was finally fish (I was getting sick of meat)!
The broccoli soup and fish was really good, but the cake was ugh.

broccoli soup

broccoli soup

fish and potatoes

fish and potatoes



I have to admit, today wasn’t too eventful, but tomorrow will be Prague 😀


2 thoughts on “Europe Trip: Bratislava

  1. -The bathroom was crazy big, I could’ve fit a table and chairs and have a tea party inside (but that would be absurd).-
    Ahem, Nanny’s PaviLLion at Pacific PLace?

    BratisLava Looked nice and charming and not overcrowded with tourists.. or was it?

    • Oh yeaaaah, now that you remind me of it, that place is a giant bathroom XD

      Bratislava was pretty nice. I don’t know if it wasn’t overcrowded or not… it was a Friday. I don’t know how it would be on weekends with nice weather ^^a

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