Day Out: Shinjuku + Koishikawa Korakuen + Akihabara

Last weekend, I went out every day. For me that’s a bit tiring -___-;; So I went to Shinjuku on Saturday, and Koishi Korakuen + Akihabara on Sunday.

I went out to buy souvenirs and stuff for people at Shinjuku. I went to Yodobashi Kamera and Tokyu Hands. I got the tablet thingy my bf had wanted, and lugged it around everywhere. I think I made a mistake in buying that first. So heavy.

Anyway, I LOVE being in Tokyu Hands. There’s so many interesting stuff there. I found cute straps like food samples like this:


If I had more money, I would’ve bought everything I liked XD But I don’t so… After that I hung around at Kinokuniya next door. Oh so many books I want to buy… But I went back home empty handed cos I KNEW I didn’t have any more space in my suitcase.

On Sunday I went to Koishikawa Korakuen. Why, you ask? I saw on late night weather forecasts that this place was filled with irises! It was so pretty. I actually wanted to go the previous weekend (before this one), but it rained. And I was lazy to go out in the rain.

It’s located in between Iidabashi and Suidobashi (near Tokyo Dome). And the website boasted pretty flowers and sakura. When I got there, there were a lot of renovations and most of the irises were gone. So sad. But I was my fault that I went when everything was out of season. The hydrangeas outside the park (how odd) were in full bloom though!

Here is the pics for the inside of the park:

And here are the hydrangeas outside:

At least I got to see pretty hydrangeas! After that I went to Akihabara to find remaining souvenirs. I was looking for Gachapon. I got several cute things:

I got lots, right!! Hahah. There was a funny story, while I was putting all my coins in the One Piece gachapon machine. One of my coins got stuck. When I put in some other coins… the gachapon didn’t come out! So I asked the store guy to fix it, and then he said “This is your coin. Pick what you like.” Damn right, I’m picking what I like! 😀 I don’t have to meddle with luck anymore! I picked out two Luffys and one Nami. No Zoro, boohoo.

After that I ate takoyaki for.. lunch and dinner, and then went home :3


2 thoughts on “Day Out: Shinjuku + Koishikawa Korakuen + Akihabara

  1. Those phone straps Look edibLe! And with iris or no iris, the park stiLL Looks nice.
    Speaking about parks, are peopLe aLLowed to waLk barefoot in pubLic park there? *random question is super random*

    • That’s because I didn’t take a photo of the renovation places ^^a But if you do ever come here again on spring, I think it’s definitely must see. There are wisterias too!
      Not really sure about the barefoot thingy, but I guess no one would complain?

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