Day Out: Shibuya, Omotesando, and Harajuku

Today, I went to the Shibuya area. Shibuya, Omotesando and Harajuku to be precise. Some of my coworkers had suggested to go eat Turkish food on Sunday at Omotesando.

Before I went there, I had to find some more souvenirs (my life is forever looking for souvenirs here) at the Mugiwara Store at Parco part 1 in Shibuya. It’s a good store for One Piece manga. I bet fans would go crazy here. I like One Piece (though not verging on otaku-ness), and I wanted to buy the whole ship plastic models collection. I had wanted to take my picture here, but I was too embarrassed (I was walking around alone) so I just took a photo of the front of the store. There was some other dude walking around with an iPad taking photos all inside the store.

Then after that I went to Marui Jam, and saw my first love shoes again. I really wanted it >_< but I left before I could let the devil take over (my wallet). I took the Hanzomon subway to Omotesando and waited for my coworkers there.

While waiting, some Indonesians passed by and plopped their butts next to me. I was kinda dreading they would see me and talk to me. They did. Well, they asked me directions for Kiddy Land in English. I was just, a little bit offended -____-;; Did I not look Indonesian? I gave them the directions, but realized 5 minutes later that I had given the wrong ones. Oh bad me!! So I just fidgeted and hoped that they wouldn’t come back my way.

Anyway, my coworkers came, and we went straight for dinner (at 5 PM, so early, eh?). We went to a restaurant called Alaturca.  They do belly dance shows on Fridays and Saturdays, so we were out of luck today. We ordered a lot of food.

First we got some white cheese wrapped with smoked salmon from the chef. Then we ordered appetizers and salad. We got ekmed (Turkish bread), Sigaraboregi (Turkish spring rolls filled with cheese), and Peynirli Salatasi (salad with onions, white cheese, tomatoes and various greens).  For the main we ordered Tavuk Sis Kebap (marinated cubed chicken kebab) and Koskonmaz karides (big shrimp with asparagus and mushrooms).

One sentence. Freaking delicious! Even the tomatoes were delicious. And I HATE TOMATOES.

After that, we walked along Omotesando and stopped by H&M. I met several Indonesians too here. Then, my coworkers suddenly decided to have coffee time. At first we were gonna have coffee at the Godiva Cafe across the street from H&M. My coworkers jaywalked. And I thought only Indonesians do that.  But since it was already closing time, we didn’t eat here. Oh T^T

We drank coffee at another place around there, at Tokyo Apartment Cafe. It was just okay. After that, at 9:30 PM we all went home. And now after eating like crazy, I am officially hungry, again.


2 thoughts on “Day Out: Shibuya, Omotesando, and Harajuku

    • it’s expensive too here. probably would have to shell out around 3000-4000 yen each for dinner for 3-4’s too bad cos it’s really delicious >_<

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