All’s well that ends well.

I know I should be packing right now. I couldn’t resist :))

Anyway, I just had my farewell party at Casa de Fujimori at Meguro with my coworkers. I had training for 2 months in Tokyo, Japan and today was my last day.

My feelings about the training? Bittersweet. I wanted to go home not because training was hard and not because I didn’t like it here. I just didn’t like being far away. Training was okay; even it it was hard, it was expected. After all, if it wasn’t hard, I wouldn’t need the training, no?

Everyone was really REALLY nice to me. Up to the point during my last week here, I hardly paid for any of my lunches O.o  I also had food adventure this last week. Sunday was Turkish, Monday was Indian, Wednesday was Japanese, and today was Spanish.

In addition to being nice, everyone was really welcome and we actually made fun of each other (well I didn’t but laughing at people counts, right?). This is actually really something because… my coworkers are a lot older than me.  I think they think of me as a niece O.o

Also, since several weeks before, at times I didn’t really know if they were just kidding or actually serious of making me come again for autumn -____-;; The Japanese have a tendency to be super polite. The thing is almost all of them said they didn’t want me to go home. Or if I did go home, I should come back the following fall. Now that’s a little… hard -___-;;

And at the end, we all hugged. For me it’s downright weird. I’m not actually comfortable with close contact other than my family, my bf and really really close friends. I always thought the Japanese were kinda formal too. But the first ones to reach out and walk up for a hug were them. I really felt so moved. And weepy.

The best thing was when my mentor said, my work is good. I just need to work on my Japanese (he is forever saying I should ask him in Japanese. Hey, saying what I mean in English is hard enough XD I don’t have the capacity to translate in Japanese also!). And that really means a lot to me. I felt really grateful for these past two months.

Thank you.


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