I love rainbows. The subtle change of so many different colors to form a beautiful sight. So I tried to paint some on my nails after seeing a pretty example on Instagram (I myself don’t have an account, but sometimes my friend likes to show me some pics).

I used about 11 different colors for a whole hand. 3 different ones on each nail except the pinky. I used only 2 colors on my pinky. I first applied a clear base coat and 2 coats of white. I then painted a 3 color pattern on the sponge and dabbed in on each nail till it blended well. After that I painted on a clear top coat so they would blend better and look glossier. And here are the results:

This is my left hand…

And this is my right.

I felt that it looked awful just with a clear top coat. You could see the bubbles and the bald spots. So I layered it again with some glitter. And again, this is my left…

And this is my right.

Which one looks better? I felt that something changed a little after I put on the glitter. I like how the colors turned out on my right hand, but I felt the blend on my left hand was better.

Next time I will try better to do a more careful work! ^o^9


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