I think I want to know, but now I don’t.

I know I said I’d stop writing about petty problems, but… I feel this isn’t one because it isn’t my problem. I’m just curious as to why.

I get that people are mad and angry from time to time, and they turn awfully scary and are ready to bite anyone’s head off. What I don’t understand is when some of these people are angry all the time.  At every little thing, like everything sets them off.

I mean.. what’s your problem? Why are you so unhappy all the time? Does your life continuously suck so bad? Do you have no food to eat, no roof over your head, and no clothes on your body? It makes me wonder, yes everyone has their own problems, but that’s just it. Everyone has their own problems and not everyone is bit*hy.

Sure, I don’t know what your problem is, but a failed attempt to hide it and waving it off when people ask what’s the matter is freaking annoying.


3 thoughts on “I think I want to know, but now I don’t.

  1. Maybe some other people annoys them and they sticks around like a parasite? I mean, I always gets emotional if it comes to my annoying superior. But maybe this blog is not about this. I mean, I’ve never let myself burst in anger or being furious, and he doesn’t even know I hate him.

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