Daruma Nails

Recently, I had dinner with some of my friends at Tokyo Belly in Grand Indonesia. The food was okay and the fried rice I had was unexpectedly spicy (alright the menu had spicy on it, but judging the Japanese food, nothing is ever spicy enough). I felt kinda vulnerable because the restaurant was an open space and people walking around could see us eating. Weird feeling.

Anyway, I’m not here to do a restaurant review, but while I was waiting for the food, I looked around at the decorations mostly filled with darumas and it hit me. Hey, darumas on my nails might look cute! So after getting home, I prepared to make my nail art. I usually take two days making a nail art, partially because I’m kinda lazy and get distracted easily (right now I’m in the middle of watching Suits season 2) and partially because the nail polish take quite a long time to dry.

On the second day, I finally got it done. And I liked how it looked.

This is my right hand…

And this is my left.

The left hand is of course messy… I’m a leftie, haha.

You might realize that some of the darumas only have one eye painted on. It’s not a mistake ^^As per the wiki page, usually a daruma doll is sold with no eyes painted on. This is because usually it is a symbol to “keep track of goals or big tasks and motivate them to work to the finish”. When you start something, you paint one eye, and when you finish it, you paint the other eye. And that’s why. I wanted to paint one that had no eyes on, but it looked kinda scary XD

It’s messy as per usual, but I hope you like it!


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