Spun Sugar

I was always curious to try a new nail art technique called spun sugar nails. I forgot where I first saw it (probably Pinterest), but it looked cute. I am still kind of opposed to 3-D nail art (I still especially can’t accept the overly elaborate ones, that stick THINGS on your nails. Doesn’t it feel weird?), but I think I could do with textured polishes and kind of bumpy nail art.

The process was fairly easy. I saw this one by Nailasaurus, but instead of pooling it on either side of the nails, I looped it over my fingers. It was awfully messy and waiting for the nail polish to thicken was a pain (I am not a patient person). Because I just wanted to try this, I only did this on my right hand. Here are the pics:

Since I wanted to see how it looked with top coat, I layered a clear shiny top coat on it, and it looked like this:

It still looks kind of goopy. But the textured lines flattened… and fattened. I think I laid too much of the “sugar” on, haha.

Then, I just had to see it with a matte effect. Here it is:

I have to say, out of all three, I liked the textured one best. Then followed by the matte version. I liked the shiny one the least. It didn’t look all that special.

Hope you like it!


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