Suck it Up, Brah!

I think I’m overdue some posts -____-;; I wanted to write about a few things, but either I had no time to write it or I didn’t know how to start. Kinda been a hectic few… months. Real life really takes the ‘life’ out of you sometimes, haha XD

Anyway. I know that I said I didn’t want to talk about the petty things in my life, but somehow I am so annoyed for so long, although I know I shouldn’t be. And yes what I’m about to do is ironic but I feel like I need to get it out 😦

I feel that people complaining about their jobs but doing NOTHING about it are stupid. They say it sucks, it makes them lash out at innocent bystanders trying as hard as they can to be light and happy despite the whole situation, but they stay day after day, complaining and disrupting peace (and lashing out again). They complain they’re still working on the holidays, that they somehow forgot about the holidays due to work and that they’re unhealthy and unhappy because of their job. Quit for Pete’s sake, instead of yelling at everyone! I know there are some circumstances that make them unable to quit their job, but then why did they sign that contract? I’m pretty sure they did that knowingly and willingly, so just suck it up! If they felt forced to sign, that’s their problem for not being able to decide what they need for yourself or foreseeing how they would feel after that contract. But all that doesn’t give them right nor reason to lash out at everybody. Nothing does. And they stand up straight like that like they didn’t hurt someone because of their words and actions. True, I am not one that buries the hatchet easily, but who would be so forgiving if that particular someone TELLS you to help them (mind you, it was NOT asking) and then YELLS at you when you ask them about it. And they’re not even the boss. Only just because they feel like they’re the only ones suffering.

That aside, there is that other person at work, who only wants to do THEIR share of the work. Hell, less than that. Then, they yell at everyone else because they feel it’s unfair that they do ALL the work, when actually, they don’t. And then, they complain that everyone else is incompetent. After that, they go around bragging to everyone that they’re proud having their bosses wrapped around their finger. Why? Because they yell, accuse and pick fights (yes, plural) all the time with their bosses. What is that?

Worse? Those two types of people becoming close friends (more likely because everyone else is avoiding them. I know I am). Worst? I used to hang out with them as equals, now they like to yell at me and my other co-workers. They just don’t get that I’m (or everyone else) avoiding them because I’m sick of them. I know it’s wrong to sneak around doing things because I don’t want them to join me, but they just ruin the mood! I used to think of them as friends and hoped that they’d snap out of whatever delusion they’re having, on their own. They didn’t. They just grew stronger, angrier, demanding ‘justice’ for all the wrong things. I know perfectly well I am not without fault. But this is ridiculous. Well now, I thank God for giving me prime examples of what NOT to be. I feel so thankful and blessed.

I just feel burdened by the thought that it’s okay, right, to ditch negative friends like these? We don’t have to help everyone we know, right? We’ve got problems of our own, right? I already feel so tired of all the drama, the drama I don’t want or need. You don’t need to be friends with everyone, right? Just friendly is enough, right? I feel so sad.


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