Exactly 39.

No, not my age. It’s been a while since I blogged (try a year), but I feel like I need to rant somewhere…. Private. Ish.

Today, I’m exactly 39 weeks pregnant, and I am so definitely sick of people asking everyday without regards to my feelings of when the baby will come. “Is she here yet?” “it’s already this date.” “you should try (insert method of inducing labor here).” I know everyone means well, but they should know that the one most impatient person should be me. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, and it’s not that I’m not happy or anything, but being pregnant is uncomfortable. I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy, I think. No nausea, my feet and fingers only started swelling on the 9th month, and a relatively no problems whatsoever with the baby, all check ups show she’s healthy and thriving. I’m still having horrible pelvic pain (it’s so bad, I can’t roll over in bed and when I get up I feel like someone kicked my vagina), but that’s mostly about it. I was forced to start my maternity leave early because everyone in the family nagged me for weeks on end, and it’s almost been 10 days and I am showing NO signs of labor. Well that’s okay if I had a year or half year of maternity leave, but Indonesians only get 3 months. Yay, for a week wasted == I wish people would listen to me more, since I’m the one who’s pregnant, I know my body. But, no, even though I’m the one pregnant, I don’t have a say in the matter, everyone just guilt trips me and says I don’t care for my baby. And I hate being watched going up and down stairs, like I’m going to fall tumbling. Sheesh. I’m just pregnant, not sick.

And being 39 weeks, and mostly everyone that got pregnant at around the same time as me have all given birth, I feel agitated, I know it’s not late, but everyone just runs their mouth however they want to. It’s frustrating. Do they not know I will of course tell people if my baby is born? Though I’m seriously having thoughts of not saying anything, except to close friends who didn’t bother me. Baby is not late!

So tired…


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