The Conyac Experience

About a month ago, while I was chatting with my friend online, she told me about an online translation service where she has applied to be a translator. She said that she was able to earn some money doing some translations, even though she was at home. That service was called Conyac.

It sounded very interesting, and since I was at home on maternity leave, I decided to try and register to be a translator too and give it a go. It was time to put my English and Japanese to good use and not let it go to rust.

So I popped on to the website, and signed up. Registration was fairly easy and quick. So before trying on anything, I explored their site, getting accustomed to what things were and where they were located. I then listed what languages I was fluent in, so I could find a job that suited my abilities. I learned that the money (or called rewards here) earned, can be paid out to either a bank account (but currently this is only for people who are residing in Japan) or a Paypal account. Very practical!

Then, I learned that there was a level test that you could take so you could take on requests that have higher rewards, which are called standard requests. But, if you don’t want to or you feel you aren’t ready to take the level test, you can still make money and look for jobs at the Market or translate light requests. Since I’m still a little slow in translating, I couldn’t get the rewards from the light requests since it is first come, first get. So I tried to look for jobs at the Market instead.

At the Market, you don’t need to go through level tests to earn some money. If you feel a job suits your abilities, you are free to apply, and the original poster of the job would be free to accept your applications if they deem you are appropriate for the job. So while I waited for my level test to be checked, I applied for some jobs at the Market. At the time, there was a big project going on, and a lot of people were recruited to do it. While doing the project, I could see that people were helping each other with the tasks given. It was very heartwarming, and I felt that we could find some friends here on the project.

Other than finding friends, the good thing about this kind of work on Conyac is, you can do the amount you are only able to. If you’re a bit busy in real life, you could take a break for awhile from Conyac and focus on your life. And if you have some spare time, or need some extra money, you could look around at Conyac because every day there is always a new job you can do.

So if you are bilingual or even multilingual and are looking to make some extra money, you should head over and give Conyac a shot! It will be worth your time. 🙂