The Conyac Experience

About a month ago, while I was chatting with my friend online, she told me about an online translation service where she has applied to be a translator. She said that she was able to earn some money doing some translations, even though she was at home. That service was called Conyac.

It sounded very interesting, and since I was at home on maternity leave, I decided to try and register to be a translator too and give it a go. It was time to put my English and Japanese to good use and not let it go to rust.

So I popped on to the website, and signed up. Registration was fairly easy and quick. So before trying on anything, I explored their site, getting accustomed to what things were and where they were located. I then listed what languages I was fluent in, so I could find a job that suited my abilities. I learned that the money (or called rewards here) earned, can be paid out to either a bank account (but currently this is only for people who are residing in Japan) or a Paypal account. Very practical!

Then, I learned that there was a level test that you could take so you could take on requests that have higher rewards, which are called standard requests. But, if you don’t want to or you feel you aren’t ready to take the level test, you can still make money and look for jobs at the Market or translate light requests. Since I’m still a little slow in translating, I couldn’t get the rewards from the light requests since it is first come, first get. So I tried to look for jobs at the Market instead.

At the Market, you don’t need to go through level tests to earn some money. If you feel a job suits your abilities, you are free to apply, and the original poster of the job would be free to accept your applications if they deem you are appropriate for the job. So while I waited for my level test to be checked, I applied for some jobs at the Market. At the time, there was a big project going on, and a lot of people were recruited to do it. While doing the project, I could see that people were helping each other with the tasks given. It was very heartwarming, and I felt that we could find some friends here on the project.

Other than finding friends, the good thing about this kind of work on Conyac is, you can do the amount you are only able to. If you’re a bit busy in real life, you could take a break for awhile from Conyac and focus on your life. And if you have some spare time, or need some extra money, you could look around at Conyac because every day there is always a new job you can do.

So if you are bilingual or even multilingual and are looking to make some extra money, you should head over and give Conyac a shot! It will be worth your time. 🙂


Exactly 39.

No, not my age. It’s been a while since I blogged (try a year), but I feel like I need to rant somewhere…. Private. Ish.

Today, I’m exactly 39 weeks pregnant, and I am so definitely sick of people asking everyday without regards to my feelings of when the baby will come. “Is she here yet?” “it’s already this date.” “you should try (insert method of inducing labor here).” I know everyone means well, but they should know that the one most impatient person should be me. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, and it’s not that I’m not happy or anything, but being pregnant is uncomfortable. I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy, I think. No nausea, my feet and fingers only started swelling on the 9th month, and a relatively no problems whatsoever with the baby, all check ups show she’s healthy and thriving. I’m still having horrible pelvic pain (it’s so bad, I can’t roll over in bed and when I get up I feel like someone kicked my vagina), but that’s mostly about it. I was forced to start my maternity leave early because everyone in the family nagged me for weeks on end, and it’s almost been 10 days and I am showing NO signs of labor. Well that’s okay if I had a year or half year of maternity leave, but Indonesians only get 3 months. Yay, for a week wasted == I wish people would listen to me more, since I’m the one who’s pregnant, I know my body. But, no, even though I’m the one pregnant, I don’t have a say in the matter, everyone just guilt trips me and says I don’t care for my baby. And I hate being watched going up and down stairs, like I’m going to fall tumbling. Sheesh. I’m just pregnant, not sick.

And being 39 weeks, and mostly everyone that got pregnant at around the same time as me have all given birth, I feel agitated, I know it’s not late, but everyone just runs their mouth however they want to. It’s frustrating. Do they not know I will of course tell people if my baby is born? Though I’m seriously having thoughts of not saying anything, except to close friends who didn’t bother me. Baby is not late!

So tired…

Thank You, 2014

So, okay with procrastinating and putting off making this blog post.
Even since the last week of 2014, I wanted to make a blog post of 2014. Oh, I can’t believe I skipped making a recap of 2013.

So, starting at the beginning?

I think I started slow in 2014. Oh! I went to my first ever grown up classical concert in January with some of my work friends. It was fun dressing up, and listening to the music. The conductor was hot in a geeky way too :3

And then months kinda passed by with me being super duper busy working plus the overtime. Hectic, but I was still trapped so I didn’t find a new place to go. Oh, and on these months, Mom told me that my considerably younger cousins were planning to get married. Okay, wow.

Then, I forgot how, me and my friends planned a trip to Belitung!! I was soooooo excited to go. I think it was my first ever domestic trip with friends that wasn’t planned by the office, haha. It was so beautiful there. It was everything I’d ever seen in people’s pictures. We even saw a tortoise lay eggs! I wish I could’ve seen them hatch, too. If there was anything I would’ve changed is most definitely the weather! God, it rained everyday! It was already May, it should’ve been dry! Because of the rain, we couldn’t see the tarsius.

Then two weeks after that, I went to Jambi to my cousin’s wedding. I was kinda miserable because I couldn’t see the local attrations and eat the food. The wedding was much too long (from 11 to 15! I thought I would be glued to the reception desk forever), but my cousin was very pretty and she and her husband looked happy.

They looked so blissful, that I bugged my then-boyfriend (now husband yeay!) and persuaded him that we should get married too. Haha. So after that, we told our parents we wanted to get married. Initially, I wanted to get married a year later. Like August 2015. But, since the parents just told us to get married as soon as possible (like if it was possible to get married in a month, we would be wed), we got engaged on August (a week before my birthday!) and planned the wedding for December. Only 4 months for planning! I totally freaked out.

Then by September, I was planning my marriage, looking for a new job, applying for a public service position also, and on top of that still working till 10 at night. I fought tooth and nail with my mom over the kebaya I wanted to wear (just that! The fight was so horrible it was as if I said I wanted to get married in a bikini and thongs at a mosque). I burst into tears almost every day, no matter where (I think it must’ve been the hormones too). I guess Green Day had a point with Wake Me Up When September Ends. But hell passed, eventually.

By mid October, I got a seemingly okay job for December and was starting to miss the job I was yet to leave (hey, I spent almost 5 years here, and I quite liked it). Though it got unbearable when I was still at my desk by the time when Cinderella lost her shoe and her carriage became a pumpkin again. For a lot of days.

But, I resigned with mixed feelings. I was happy to leave to get a better life but I missed my friends. Oh, well. And, I didn’t get the public service position, but I really wasn’t counting on it. The wedding preparations were almost finished too, so all is pretty well.

I started my new job in December. How was it?? A 9 out of 10 points job. The weak point was just that it was a shared office with 4 other companies. But other than that, it was exciting. I am so grateful I stumbled upon this job ^^

And then on to wedding countdown. But even a week before the wedding, I still didn’t feel nervous, let alone cold feet. Ready? I’m marrying the man I trust my life with, I should be ready (of course I trust God more, but that’s another thing). And the wedding happened and passed. It was small-ish affair, but I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way (maybe I would’ve gone with the kebaya from Violetta if I had more money, but the one I wore is fine too). I just wish my Dad was there. But my brother stepping up brought joyful tears to my eyes too. Oh how he has grown up :’)

And now, I’m living with him, my husband. It doesn’t feel too shocking yet, I guess. Just like having someone to go to work with, to have dinner with and to sleep with. I haven’t tried cooking anything extraordinary yet, or washed or cleaned a whole house, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t feel so strained. I feel I should really just let it flow.

For the honeymoon, we’re thinking of going to Malang! If we do indeed go, I hope I won’t be too lazy to write about it ^^

So that was my 2014. It was a great year. Lots to be thankful for. And I hope 2015 will be great too. So here’s to hoping and trying to reach happiness!

It’s been a hard couple of months. What with the wedding preparations, finding a new job, getting ready for the CPNS test, and the never ending work. The stress, all rolled into one.

Crying. Losing sleep. Being constantly exhausted.

I just want everyone happy. I want everything to be right. At the very least, not mad and not fatally wrong.

But what can I do when I can’t even trust my own judgement?