Love, You are Just Like Sunshine.

I got tagged by AmadL here in WordPress. She knows how much I like filling in this stuff. Haha, it kinda makes me miss making it on Friendster and on Facebook.


The rules for the Sunshine Award is:

  • Answer the 10 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you, Link back, and include the Sunshine award logo at your post/blog.
  • Nominate 10 of your blogger friends for the award and give them 10 questions from you (or just use the previous questions from the previous blogger
  • Notify the bloggers you nominate that they are nominated for The Sunshine Award!

Now, here goes..

  1. Favorite Actor/Actress

I don’t know why, but I just don’t have one that I am totally in love with. I like the characters they play in the film they are in, but off screen, they’re totally different persons, right? Soo… no answer?

  1. Favorite Book

I like a lot of books. But I’m typically a moody person with the things I like. I’d like them for some time then I’d forget about them. And then I’d like them again. I like books that is interesting to read again and again. And books that make me cry, get angry at the characters and feel happy for them. I liked Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli for the longest time. It’s a young adult’s book though, haha. There’s a sequel called Love, Stargirl but I couldn’t finish it because I felt the translated version in Indonesian was excruciating to read 😦

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

  1. Favorite Food

Another difficult question! I love food. My friends often shove food down my throat because they say I get quite violent when I’m hungry. My all time favorite would likely be fries sprinkled with melted cheese and some sausages. Just thinking of it make my mouth water!

  1. Favorite Drink

Most probably Coca Cola. I’m trying to drink more water though!

  1. Favorite Dessert

Too many! Love macarons, cheesecakes, ice cream, popsicles or anything chocolate-y.  Whenever in doubt, I pick chocolate ice cream though. Pepenero‘s gelato is really delicious and a steal, in my opinion.

  1. Favorite TV Show

Too much. I watch TV shows like there’s no tomorrow. If I had to pick, Game of Thrones would come out on top, though. Followed by several sitcoms such as 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, and The Big Bang Theory tying for second place.

Game of Thrones

  1. Favorite Cinema

Most probably fX because it’s in better shape than in Plaza Semanggi for the same price range.

  1. Favorite Animal

Cats. Most definitely cats. But I like other furry animals such as koalas and bunnies.

  1. Favorite City

For practicality, I would love to live in Tokyo, Japan. It’s fast-paced and probably stress-inducing to work there, but it’s a no-fuss city and friendly for people with no cars. But I would love to live in Vienna, Austria just for the beauty of it.

  1. Favorite Music Video

Most of Big Bang’s videos, but especially Last Farewell. It’s the first video I saw, but it lingers. Probably first love? I love them no matter how weird they turn out, but here they still have their boyish charm 😀


*Liebster means ‘beloved’ in German

The Liebster also has it’s own set of rules, which are:

  • List 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you, and answer the questions asked.
  • Tag 11 other blogs for the award and include a link to their blog.
  • Notify the nominated bloggers that an award awaits them.
  • Ask the nominees 11 questions of your own.
  • Put the Liebster Award Logo in the post.

11 Random Facts

  1. I love nail polish. Like crazy. I found a photo of my 2 or 3 year old self wearing nail polish. Didn’t know my love for it ran that early 😀 Thank God I was blessed with big nice nails. My mom keeps on lording it over me that it was because of her genes, haha. I would love to open a nail salon!
  2. I love playing games, especially simulations and RPGs. I am currently playing Dragon Age II on PC. I keep on lamenting of my laptop’s low specs (I know I should get a desktop, but I don’t know where to put it), because I long to see the awesome graphics. Don’t get me wrong, the storyline is awesome too. The prequel,  Dragon Age was the one that got me hooked. I remember how I used to play until the morning, but then got so awfully scared because the scary places inside the game induced my imagination about the things waiting outside the window beside the computer. I can’t wait for the next installment Dragon Age: Inquisition scheduled for fall 2014.
  3. Unlike most girls I know, I don’t have a single speck of idea of how I want my wedding, except I want it quick, small and private. Maybe it just hasn’t strike me yet. Or I just haven’t found the kebaya I would kill to wear.
  4. I love Big Bang (Korean boyband) in what I think is in a moderate way (I am not really sure though) 😀 I used to watch so many of their videos and shows when I was having a really hard time, and they really cheered me up. I actually like some other K-Pop girl/boy bands casually. Mostly because for the hair and fashion part. I have to say I like Girls’ Generation’s Jessica’s style. I think she has a pretty nice fashion sense.
  5. I, like a lot of other people, would love to travel the world. But I would love to visit Scandinavian region, Macchu Picchu, Australian National Parks, and New Zealand. The natural beauty is stunning!
  6. I consider myself an introvert. I find myself needing a lot of time to myself or to just a few people and I absolutely hate crowds. One of the main reasons that for in all my life I’ve never ever ever been to an actual concert with lining up and stuff.
  7. I am terrified of geckos and frogs.  I wouldn’t go anywhere near it with 10-foot pole.
  8. I’m usually not interested in jocks or popular guys. I like the quiet, smart ones. They’re usually pretty weird and fun to know.
  9. I don’t know if I’ve grown up from my angry 15 year old self yet, to be honest. Just a few days ago, I dissed a customer service officer at a bank. But mostly, because she was being impolite a know-it-all, and unhelpful. I have worked on the other side of customer service, and I know how sucky it is. But people need to learn some manners, and keep in mind that one unsatisfied customer could talk to a whole lot of people about their horrible experience, and that could ruin your business.
  10. I have a weird eye-for-an-eye principle. Enough said.
  11. I used to love writing stories a lot when I was younger, but somehow even with all the thoughts in my head I can’t seem to transfer them onto paper (or computer screen, whichever). I want to start again but it’s so hard.

And now the questions from AmadL:

  1. Have you seen Pacific Rim and what do you think about it? — Yes, I have. I initially thought that I would just see it as regular movie I would go to only to accompany my boyfriend, but in the end I enjoyed it so much, I watched it again with you :))
  2. What is the fictional place in films / books that you would happily spend the rest of your life in? — Let’s see… ah. Doraemon’s home in the… 22nd century? All those practical things!! 😀
  3. If you couLd choose a non-humanoid fictional character to be your adopted brother/sister, who wouLd it be? –Doraemon 😀 << i’d be an utterly dependent sibling to him XD
  4. Name a fictionaL character you wouLd marry on the spot. — most definitely Takeuchi from Bokura ga Ita.
  5. What book wouLd you recommend me (or everybody eLse on this PLanet Earth) to read and why? — nothing particular, but anything related to world history, I guess. We learn a lot from our mistakes. But then, most of the stories will have been written by the victor. Now I’m confused.
  6. Do you have any favorite teen fLick / coming of age fiLm? — I don’t think I have one.
  7. If you had a chance, wouLd you be in a game show? — You know, I’d really love to try who wants to be a millionaire! Sometimes the questions seems so easy.. But who knows, probably my mind would go blank while sitting on the hot seat!
  8. What is more important for you, music or books? — definitely books. In extreme cases, I’d rather go deaf than be illiterate.
  9. What was the Last movie / book / song that make you cry? I’ll go with last book since I haven’t listened to any songs or saw any movies recently: Cerita di Balik Noda by Fira Basuki. It’s a collection of short stories about dirt and clothes washing and the like (the book was sponsored by Rinso since there was a company logo on the back). I’ve only read a few, but since she wrote it based on stories from other moms’ submitted pieces, they’re pretty much generic. It’s very heartwarming. Better to not read in public though, haha.
  10. I’m going to borrow Reino’s question, because I’m just curious what other answers there wiLL be — Indonesian foLk taLe that shouLd be made into an epic fantasy movie? — I am very embarrassed to say I didn’t read a lot of Indonesian folktales, so I can’t answer this. I wonder if there’s a Grimm Brothers Stories collections-like book for Indonesian folktales?? But I guess, that Roro Jonggrang folktale could be nice?
  11. Do you stiLL remember your first ever bLog post? What was it about? :p — I never considered what I did on Friendster blogging. So from Multiply, I think it was about my family. Or yosakoi. I don’t think I ever did a proper introduction till WordPress.

I don’t feel like tagging people because I don’t have many friends that blog anymore, but I do want to create questions (I know it doesn’t work that way, but I have no choice!):

  1. Are there any trashy music/books/movies you like? What is it?
  2. If you could be a character in any fictional book/movie, who would you be?
  3. Is there anything that you are currently collecting?
  4. Is there anything that seems like only you like? What is it?
  5. Would you rather live in your home country or overseas? Why?
  6. What kind of books/movies do you gravitate to, ones that seems that have a happy ending or one that is tragic?
  7. Do you believe in aliens?
  8. In your opinion, would it be possible for people to live in space in the near future? If yes, how? Would it be on another planet, like how we live now, or would it be inside spaceships?
  9. Do you ever wish you were born after or before your time? Why do you feel that way and what time would you like to go to?
  10. At what time do you think should one start to live independently?
  11. If you could have one super power, what would it be?

I’m just gonna leave those list of questions on my blog here, and if anyone wants to fill it in, you can copy-paste and make a blog entry or just reply below.