Mug Sh/D-ots

It’s been a long time since I last blogged. This time I want to show you another nail art! I was inspired by my friend AmadL‘s mug she posted on Path. It was simple but striking, so I decided to make one on my nails. Since I couldn’t decide on just one color, I made a different color with each nail.

Look, here are my right and left hands.

AmadL’s mug was orange of course like my left thumb. I liked the blue one the best (because it was the tidiest of them all) but my boyfriend liked the pink one 😀

I love looking at them, do you like them too?


Pink, Pink, Pink Dots

I got early to work today, but still couldn’t get anything done anyway due to some system outage. So I thought it would be better for me to post some nail art.

This was actually last week’s nail art, but since I was so swamped with work, I couldn’t post it. I actually did another nail art before this, and it was dots too. Since I still wanted to play with my dotter, this happened. For the base, I used OPI’s Alpine Snow. For the dots, I used OPI’s I Theodora You (pale pink, currently my favorite sheer pink), OPI’s Elephantastic Pink (the dark pink, the first OPI I ever bought) and Revlon’s Pink Lingerie (the bubble gum pink, which I use so much too).

I love all the pink shades on their own, but I think this combo looks sweet and cute. What do you think?

Spun Sugar

I was always curious to try a new nail art technique called spun sugar nails. I forgot where I first saw it (probably Pinterest), but it looked cute. I am still kind of opposed to 3-D nail art (I still especially can’t accept the overly elaborate ones, that stick THINGS on your nails. Doesn’t it feel weird?), but I think I could do with textured polishes and kind of bumpy nail art.

The process was fairly easy. I saw this one by Nailasaurus, but instead of pooling it on either side of the nails, I looped it over my fingers. It was awfully messy and waiting for the nail polish to thicken was a pain (I am not a patient person). Because I just wanted to try this, I only did this on my right hand. Here are the pics:

Since I wanted to see how it looked with top coat, I layered a clear shiny top coat on it, and it looked like this:

It still looks kind of goopy. But the textured lines flattened… and fattened. I think I laid too much of the “sugar” on, haha.

Then, I just had to see it with a matte effect. Here it is:

I have to say, out of all three, I liked the textured one best. Then followed by the matte version. I liked the shiny one the least. It didn’t look all that special.

Hope you like it!

Union Jack

This is a nail art I recently did. I’ve always wanted to make the Union Jack pattern on my nails, but I’m WAAAAY to lazy to do it with tape to make it look crisp and sharp. I should have gone through with the tape because it would have been totally worth it… But I just free-handed this.

This is my right hand:

And this is my left:

The red and blue are really pretty on their own, too. I used Essie’s Leading Lady (the glittery red) and Revlon Mysterious (the car shade blue).

It’s really messy, but anything you do with hard work is always pretty to look at 😀

Daruma Nails

Recently, I had dinner with some of my friends at Tokyo Belly in Grand Indonesia. The food was okay and the fried rice I had was unexpectedly spicy (alright the menu had spicy on it, but judging the Japanese food, nothing is ever spicy enough). I felt kinda vulnerable because the restaurant was an open space and people walking around could see us eating. Weird feeling.

Anyway, I’m not here to do a restaurant review, but while I was waiting for the food, I looked around at the decorations mostly filled with darumas and it hit me. Hey, darumas on my nails might look cute! So after getting home, I prepared to make my nail art. I usually take two days making a nail art, partially because I’m kinda lazy and get distracted easily (right now I’m in the middle of watching Suits season 2) and partially because the nail polish take quite a long time to dry.

On the second day, I finally got it done. And I liked how it looked.

This is my right hand…

And this is my left.

The left hand is of course messy… I’m a leftie, haha.

You might realize that some of the darumas only have one eye painted on. It’s not a mistake ^^As per the wiki page, usually a daruma doll is sold with no eyes painted on. This is because usually it is a symbol to “keep track of goals or big tasks and motivate them to work to the finish”. When you start something, you paint one eye, and when you finish it, you paint the other eye. And that’s why. I wanted to paint one that had no eyes on, but it looked kinda scary XD

It’s messy as per usual, but I hope you like it!